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November 25, 2021

Debates around energy economics – how we source and use energy resources and the consequences of our choices – are a regular feature of the daily news cycle.  The drivers of energy supply and demand are not always easy to understand, but they directly impact our lives, our communities and our planet.

Deetken Insight has been providing analysis, modelling and negotiation support for the energy sector for close to a decade. Over this period, we have worked with 20 major energy companies and have frequently acted as core economic advisors and financial analysts on high-profile decisions relating to Canada’s natural resource industries. We have worked with project developers, policy makers, local communities and industry to shape energy policy, conduct project and investment due diligence and negotiate co-investment agreements.  As a result, we have earned the trust of these groups and led or supported infrastructure investments in a wide range of energy markets, including solar, hydro-electric, co-generation, natural gas, marine fuels and oil and gas. 

Governments, industry groups and other stakeholders rely on Deetken to analyse and solve complex issues in the renewable and conventional energy industries. Our expertise in data analysis helps us understand the impact of market conditions and factors such as transportation costs, capital costs and market structures on energy markets, while our skills in advanced simulation and machine learning allow us to model small and large energy infrastructure projects and assess their broader economic implications. 

We have completed over a dozen complex economic impact assessment studies for major electric utility and LNG clients, evaluating the impacts of energy-related policy, projects and major investments on economic factors such as tax revenues, supply/demand shifts, incomes, labour markets, trade, industry competitiveness and community development.   

In recent years, our work has included:

  • Conducted an LNG competitiveness review that facilitated recent policy decisions and significantly influenced the final investment decision of a large industrial LNG project with respect to its $40 billion investment in British Columbia
  • Acted as key economic experts for a utility organization 
  • Led the economic modelling for many run-of-the river hydroelectric facilities in remote regions in Canada
  • Estimated the financial and economic impacts of major transmission lines for a key electric utility 
  • Undertook due diligence and deal structuring for investments in some of the largest renewable energy production facilities in Latin America, including the largest solar facility in Central America

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