Expertise in Outcome-based and Vested™ contracting & negotiations

October 12, 2021

Undertaking a major procurement can be one of the biggest challenges that an organization faces. Whether contracting a service provider to deliver cloud or telecom services, or outsourcing call centre or service desk operations, procuring effective service delivery without waste or unnecessary risk is a high stakes endeavour. Deetken Insight has been supporting complex procurements since our inception in 2006.  With typical deal sizes ranging from $500 million to more than $6 Billion, we have supported a range of multi-year procurements in health, IT, financial services, business process outsourcing and major infrastructure.

While each deal is unique, we are able to draw on an expanding knowledge base of best practices to bring state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deal structuring and negotiation.  We are experts in outcome-based contracting, an approach to contract development and management that is focused on transforming relationships between buyers and suppliers and that are ultimately focused on incentivizing the best possible outcome for both parties. We are experts in applying the Vested™ methodology of outcome-based economic model negotiations and interest-based negotiations and have worked with Kate Vitasek, the founder of the Vested™ methodology. 

We have a long track record in designing innovative service delivery models, contracts and strategic deals and/or business processes that move beyond conventional agreements to better align the interests of the customer and the service provider and that are responsive to change while meeting or exceeding key performance metrics, including efficiency and quality as well as service and risk.  In this regard, our work has contributed to high impact results. Specifically, we:

  • Used an outcome-based model to contract for a government wide service desk and back office supporting 35,000 employees.
  • Leading the re-procurement of a major health insurance back office and IT systems, using an outcome-based methodology
  • Negotiated the Province’s first-ever outcome-based contract for a $1.6 Billion healthcare-related outsourcing contract
  • Introduced the concept of gainsharing into longer-term contracts for both private and public sectors
  • Designed the deal architecture and financial models for one of the largest procurements of a student information system in Canadian history
  • Designed, modelled and negotiated the deal that determined how telecommunications services will be delivered to the Provincial Government, health Authorities and Crown Corporations over a 10-year period
  • Built the deal architecture and led the financial analysis of the procurement of a public health surveillance system to better manage communicable disease

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