Supporting strategy around cloud computing

November 15, 2019

What are the benefits of adopting cloud services to the public sector? What new risks are introduced and how can they be mitigated? What do public sector organizations need to do to get ready to move to the cloud? What is unique about the BC context that vendors need to understand to ensure effective service?

These and related questions were raised at a roundtable of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from some of the largest public sector organizations in the province. Over an 18-month period, Deetken played a central role in helping these CIOs develop a shared perspective on these questions.

We did this by conducting extensive consultations with internal stakeholders, vendors, and subject matter experts, and by undertaking a review of best practices from other jurisdictions, a total cost of ownership analysis to determine the financial implications of moving to the cloud, and an assessment of other source of value of the cloud to the sector.

This analysis culminated in a strategic plan to support the launch of an innovative public sector initiative with a mission to support the successful adoption of cloud computing services in the BC public sector.

This initiative serves a critical function in helping create the necessary market conditions to accelerate the uptake of cloud services in the BC public sector.

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