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Since 2006, our company has continued to expand in new and exciting ways. While there are now multiple branches of our business, what ties us together is our commitment to our local and global communities.
Whether we are figuring out how to improve access to vital health services, surfacing insights from millions of lines of data to design better processes, or providing catalytic funding to women entrepreneurs in Latin America, we are always focused on the bigger picture – creating a lasting, positive impact on the clients, entrepreneurs and communities that count on us.

We are engineers, computer scientists, economists and entrepreneurs.
We are also artists, athletes and musicians.
We speak seven languages and have lived all over the world.

While every problem is unique, our approach is consistent.
We combine an entrepreneurial mindset, strategy and economic expertise and deep analytical capabilities to tackle big problems — locally and globally.

In short, at The Deetken Group, our sum is greater than our parts … but our parts are pretty great, too.

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