Helping newcomers to Canada find jobs

November 15, 2019

Imagine arriving in Canada, perhaps with only a handful of your belongings, and facing the daunting task of making a new country your new home.  As a country of immigrants, many Canadians don’t need to imagine this: we have lived it. And many of us know firsthand that finding a job can be a critical – and challenging – part of the integration process.

Services to help newcomers find employment and settle in Canada are delivered by a network of Federal, Provincial, and community-based service providers. At times, this network can be difficult to navigate for newcomers and service providers alike. To address these complexities, Deetken was asked to help deepen the collaboration between and sharpen the skills of service providers who are working to improve employment outcomes for immigrants to Canada.

The Deetken team leveraged our facilitation and multi-stakeholder engagement experience to organize and host consultations and workshops with over 200 service providers and other experts across five regions of British Columbia. On the basis of these consultations, we developed in depth training material, using diverse multi-media content including animation, podcasts and interactive quizzes, and a resource kit to support service providers. These deliverables can be found here.

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